Amanda (grammaravenger) wrote in fitz_is_stupid,

The long-lost moderator...

Hey, folks. Long-lost moderator here. (I'd forgotten the password, but I just found out that you don't even need passwords to log on as a community mod anymore. Whoops!)

Anywho, I've been MIA from this community for ages, obviously. Back in the day it never needed much moderating and it doesn't seem like it really does now. But I haven't been paying attention, so I could be wrong!

So. Just wanted to post and ask if anyone else who's still active here wants to be a maintainer of the community. Please leave a comment if you're interested.

[ETA] Also, regardless of whether or not anyone else wants to moderate - would anyone care to link me to or provide a user icon for the comm? It's kind of sad that I never got one for it.

P.S. Am going to a Robin Hobb reading/signing this week. Very excited. I still <3 Robin Hobb, I'm just too lazy to be really gung-ho in a fandom. Hence the mod slacking.
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