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David Gemmell Legend Award - vote for Dragon Keeper

The David Gemmell Legend Award is a newcomer among fantasy literature awards, it was present for the first time last year. The winner is chosen by the public, and there are two rounds of voting - the longlist is open to all fantasy books (submitted by publishers) that were published in English during 2009. Voting is open from 26th of December to 31st of March 2010. You can only vote once per category. The top 5 books to get most votes during the longlist period will then form a shortlist and then there will be another round of voting in April.

Robin's Dragon Keeper is on the longlist for the Legend Award, and the UK artwork by Jackie Morris is up for the Ravenheart Award for best cover/artist.

Here's the website for the awards where you can vote. No registration is required. However, I've noticed that the site is a bit wonky in some browsers (you have to hover over the award titles to see the link for voting), so here are the subpages where you can cast your vote:
Legend award
Ravenheart award
(There is also a Morningstar award for best debut.)
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