Amanda (grammaravenger) wrote in fitz_is_stupid,

Interesting tidbit

I went to a Dragon Keeper reading and signing by Robin Hobb recently. One question in particular was asked whose answer I thought might interest you all.

The question was, "Where did the idea for the Farseer Trilogy come from?"
The answer: Robin Hobb said that her trouble with ideas is that she has too many, not too few. When she's writing something else and she gets a new idea, she writes it on a scrap of paper and drops it in a drawer. If she's bored or needs some inspiration, she may pull out a bunch of the scraps, read through the ideas, and maybe put a few ideas together to create something new and interesting. The Farseer Trilogy was the result of two ideas coming together:
(1) Can you take all of these old tropes of fairy tales - the outcast who is really the rightful heir to the throne, the wise old king, magic, dragons, [I can't remember what else she said] - and make them into something new and compelling and not cliched?
(2) What if magic were addictive, and its use destructive?

Just thought that was neat to think about. In some ways I have always thought of the trilogy as the story of Fitz (and the Fool), but in the author's eye Fitz sounded sort of incidental to the story; he was, as she said, just the best person to tell the story because he was there to see so much of it.
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