nerwende (nerwende) wrote in fitz_is_stupid,

Call to "defend [the Dragon Keeper] to the death"

BSCreview is holding it's annual Book Tournament for the fourth time and Robin Hobb's The Dragon Keeper is included.
Read the rules of Best 2009 Release Tournament, register at the forum and get ready to defend Thymara & co against other competitors. The first round is against "Red Claw" by Philip Palmer and will be fought HERE.
Voting will begin the morning of 18th of March (that's tomorrow!) and end around 8:00 PM EST on the 19th. The winner will then move on to the next round starting the morning of 20th. So there's not much time! (Here's a time zone converter to help you. Convert EST North America to your own time.)

(If you managed to dodge all my cross-posting about this, CONGRATULATIONS. XD)
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