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The Inheritance is nearly here!

The next Robin/Megan book comes out in hardcover March 31st in the UK and Australia and as a mass-market paperback in the US May 3rd. The UK Title is simply The Inheritance while the US title is The Inheritance and Other Stories. You can find all the details you need at PlentyWiki.

UK covers (first pic) by Jackie Morris, US covers (second pic) by ??
(Yes, there are lots of cats in these stories.)

And these are the stories included

Megan Lindholm:
- A Touch of Lavender (sci-fi, a Hugo and Nebula nominee and a winner of the Asimov's Readers Award)
- Silver Lady and the Fortyish Man (contemporary fantasy, Nebula nominee and Asimov winner)
- Cut (set in the future, Nebula nominee)
- The Fifth Squashed Cat (urban roadside fantasy)
- Strays (urban fantasy)
- Finis (vampires, previously unpublished)
- Drum Machine (science fiction, previously unpublished)

Robin Hobb:
- Homecoming ( won the Best Short Story Award in Imaginales, a prequel to Liveship traders)
- The Inheritance (a story from the Bingtown area)
- Cat's Meat (previously unpublished, takes place in Buck)

If you're interested in reading my full review of the book, it's here. To summarise it, this is a wonderful collection of a wide variety of stories and characters. The only one that didn't have much of an effect on me was Finis, but that's likely to be because I'm allergic to vampires of all sizes, shapes and breeds. Everyone should read at least Cut and Homecoming, from the new stories Drum Machine and Cat's Meat are the ones that left me really thoughtful and I'm still feeling raw after my heart was ripped out by Strays. There's also a preface to each story by the author that gives some background info about how and why each story came to be.
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