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Royal Assassin Comic

Hello everyone,

I don't know how many of you have heard about the French comic adaptation of The Farseers and The Tawny Man.
It is currently running in France, but sadly, there is no English version of it.

A group of fans I'm part of has attempted to retranslate it back to the English by using quotes from the novels themselves.
There are currently 4 comics available, 2 have been translated and we're working on the third.

So if you are interested in reading this very interesting adaptation in English, you may find it on afoolsmind's journal. All you have to do is be friends with the account :)

I hope you don't mind this little advertising, I am sure many of you would like to discover it, it's definitely worth a look! And it's hard to make our project known.

Stupid Fitz with lineart and colors, isn't that nice ;)
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I love translation. (I've read Assassin's Apprentice in German for fun.) Is your group open to anyone?
We don't need anyone for translation, really. We are in dire need of cleaners and scanners, but if that doesn't interest you, I'm afraid I have nothing for you. Thanks for reading and for offering to help though!