impervection (impervection) wrote in fitz_is_stupid,

Roleplaying and/or any life sign

I think I blinked for a year or two, and when I woke up from my slumber, all of fandom was gone. And not just this fandom, either. There sure is not a lot happening here, despite the fact that Blood of Dragons came out earlier this year. I get that this community is pretty much dead, but if there's anyone still reading this, could you perhaps take pity on me and tell me if there is somewhere else on the web where one can find semi-active discussion concerning these books?

The original intention with this post was a sudden urge of mine to find someone to roleplay a bit with in that Farseer fandom and I figured maybe one could scrounge up one such person, even though it was never a big fandom or anything. So if anyone's game for that, please poke me for further talk about that. But at this point, I'd gratefully take directions to whereever on the internet fandom has gone. And not just this fandom, any fandom. I feel suddenly like a relic of old times.
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