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Big Robin Hobb news!

Well I'm sure you've all heard through tumblr/facebook/twitter etc, but Robin has written more F&F!
It's gonna be a trilogy and the first book, The Fool's Assassin, is scheduled for publication in August 2014.

Also. She'll be touring the UK and Sweden in late October/early November which is a nice change from the US/Australia/France routine, eh? :)

As always, see robinhobb.com for all details of the tour (or the confirmation about the book if you don't believe me :P) or you can bore yourself watching me trying to keep up with the news at theplenty.net

Roleplaying and/or any life sign

I think I blinked for a year or two, and when I woke up from my slumber, all of fandom was gone. And not just this fandom, either. There sure is not a lot happening here, despite the fact that Blood of Dragons came out earlier this year. I get that this community is pretty much dead, but if there's anyone still reading this, could you perhaps take pity on me and tell me if there is somewhere else on the web where one can find semi-active discussion concerning these books?

The original intention with this post was a sudden urge of mine to find someone to roleplay a bit with in that Farseer fandom and I figured maybe one could scrounge up one such person, even though it was never a big fandom or anything. So if anyone's game for that, please poke me for further talk about that. But at this point, I'd gratefully take directions to whereever on the internet fandom has gone. And not just this fandom, any fandom. I feel suddenly like a relic of old times.

OH, my goodness.

Reading City of Dragons. Haven't finished yet, but hey, Fitz made it into the book. Well, indirectly. 

To put it with SPOILING, Alise found the evidence of him being in the Elderling tower of Kelsingra. Not really a spoiler to plot of this book since we knew they'd make it to Kelsingra...but hey. I love how things from other stories are woven into this book, not to punch you in the face, but as a subtle reward for those who make good connections. The Fool is also there, in part. The rooster-crowned performer has a memorial to her group. And Malta thinks about the Elderling cloak Reyn gives her, which made me think of Homecoming and the Khurpus beginnings. Wowza, that's all I can say.

Your thoughts?

Royal Assassin Comic

Hello everyone,

I don't know how many of you have heard about the French comic adaptation of The Farseers and The Tawny Man.
It is currently running in France, but sadly, there is no English version of it.

A group of fans I'm part of has attempted to retranslate it back to the English by using quotes from the novels themselves.
There are currently 4 comics available, 2 have been translated and we're working on the third.

So if you are interested in reading this very interesting adaptation in English, you may find it on afoolsmind's journal. All you have to do is be friends with the account :)

I hope you don't mind this little advertising, I am sure many of you would like to discover it, it's definitely worth a look! And it's hard to make our project known.

Stupid Fitz with lineart and colors, isn't that nice ;)

Win 3 Robin Hobb books & a dragon figurine

I've been running a super cool contest this week on thePlenty.net, thanks to the wonderful folks at HarperCollins who offered a prize package that includes

- a US paperback copy of Dragon Keeper by robin_hobb
- a US paperback copy of Dragon Haven by robin_hobb
- a US galley copy of the upcoming The Inheritance and Other Stories by robin_hobb & meganlindholm
- a fantastical dragon figurine

Yes, you read that right: one winner walks away with THREE Robin Hobb books and a dragon*!

The contest is open for everyone, not just US citizens. But please enter before Sunday evening 11PM UTC+2!
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The Inheritance is nearly here!

The next Robin/Megan book comes out in hardcover March 31st in the UK and Australia and as a mass-market paperback in the US May 3rd. The UK Title is simply The Inheritance while the US title is The Inheritance and Other Stories. You can find all the details you need at PlentyWiki.

UK covers (first pic) by Jackie Morris, US covers (second pic) by ??
(Yes, there are lots of cats in these stories.)

And these are the stories included

Megan Lindholm:
- A Touch of Lavender (sci-fi, a Hugo and Nebula nominee and a winner of the Asimov's Readers Award)
- Silver Lady and the Fortyish Man (contemporary fantasy, Nebula nominee and Asimov winner)
- Cut (set in the future, Nebula nominee)
- The Fifth Squashed Cat (urban roadside fantasy)
- Strays (urban fantasy)
- Finis (vampires, previously unpublished)
- Drum Machine (science fiction, previously unpublished)

Robin Hobb:
- Homecoming ( won the Best Short Story Award in Imaginales, a prequel to Liveship traders)
- The Inheritance (a story from the Bingtown area)
- Cat's Meat (previously unpublished, takes place in Buck)

If you're interested in reading my full review of the book, it's here. To summarise it, this is a wonderful collection of a wide variety of stories and characters. The only one that didn't have much of an effect on me was Finis, but that's likely to be because I'm allergic to vampires of all sizes, shapes and breeds. Everyone should read at least Cut and Homecoming, from the new stories Drum Machine and Cat's Meat are the ones that left me really thoughtful and I'm still feeling raw after my heart was ripped out by Strays. There's also a preface to each story by the author that gives some background info about how and why each story came to be.
Robin Hobb thePlenty.net (The Wit)

Fitz might be stupid at times, but he wouldn't let a mouse kill him

Some of you might remember the virtual cage matches Suvudu.com organised last year—it’s where fantasy heroes battle one another until one final winner is left standing. Well this year the contest features our very own FitzChivalry Farseer, and his first opponent is Martin the Warrior from the Redwall books. At the moment Fitz is losing his first fight! You can read the match description, vote and leave your comments here — but remember the match ends on Sunday, March 13th at 5 PM, ET.

Vote for Hobb in a Best SFF Novels of the Decade Readers Poll

narniadear posted about this in buckkeep: Tor.com is asking readers to vote for the best scifi/fantasy books of the last decade, and I think we all here agree that there should be some Hobb titles included right? Go HERE to read the rules and cast your vote, but do it quickly because the poll closes 11:59 PM EST on Friday, January 14 - that's TODAY.
For a quick help, here are the eligible Hobb books (ones that were published during the last decade, and yes they are including the year 2000) - quite a few people have simply chosen to vote for the Tawny Man trilogy as a whole.

- Ship of Destiny (2000)
- Fool's Errand (2001)
- The Golden Fool (2002)
- Fool's Fate (2003)
- Shaman's Crossing (2005)
- Forest Mage (2006)
- Renegade Magic (2007)
- Dragon Keeper (2009)
- Dragon Haven (2010)
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UK cover of Dragon Keeper up for an award - YOU can vote!

Jackie Morris (Illustration) and Dominic Forbes (Art Direction) have been shortlisted for the Ravenheart Award for the UK cover art of The Dragon Keeper. The cover is among the top five voted by readers online.

The second phase of the David Gemmell Legend awards has started, and it’s again up to us readers to pick our favorites from the shortlists. Voting for the Ravenheart award is HERE.
No registration is required to vote and voting is open to all. (Don’t forget to vote in the other categories as well!) The winners will be announced in June.

Good luck to Jackie, Dominic and Sintara!
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